Is Solar Political? – A Message from Joseph Heisler

The discussion surrounding solar energy can seem politically influenced at first glance. However, the benefits to utilizing solar power are wide and varied.
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At first glance, it may seem that the discussion surrounding solar energy – e.g. the benefits, the tax incentives, etc. – is politically influenced. However, as I meet with hundreds of homeowners quarterly, I can tell you that the reasons for wanting solar are varied and far from political. There is nothing political about seeking energy savings, reducing pollution, cost savings, etc., but there is a strong interest in exploring these options. When solar is viewed as a complementary alternative to fossil fuel, one that also guides us toward a common end, i.e. a deeper awareness of our environment (which we may take for granted from time to time), the possibilities explode. This deeper awareness of our environment does not diminish our convictions, but rather opens us up to more creativity and insight.

A good discussion about solar allows for deeper and meaningful questions. To benefit from these questions, we must diminish the safety of thought polarization, which is based an “either/or” mentality. We naturally tend toward polarities because it simplifies life, avoids uncertainty, and lessens stress. However, this is flawed; it ignores the complexity of life and often disregards the overarching benefits of a “both/and” mindset. Having this mindset can be uncomfortable at times and blur the line of conviction or acceptance. Can I accept one benefit without betraying my ideals and thus give implied approval for something toward which I am opposed? The answer is, of course you can! But only if you have a spirit of spontaneity, commitment, and vision.

As we continue to move toward a future that expands our knowledge of nature and allows us to better engage and nurture her majestic powers, let us keep an open mind. Let us ask the necessary questions and enjoy the gifts that nature provides in a mutually beneficial and responsible manner. From the mountains to the prairies, to the oceans white with foam – there is much to witness and share!