Did You Know You Are Already Paying For Solar?

If you're a homeowner in Virginia, you're already paying for solar energy. Take advantage of this change and get your own solar panels!
Virginia Clean Economy Act Solar Energy

When Virginia homeowners learn they are already paying for solar, the most common reaction is disbelief. As of July 2020, The Virginia Clean Economy Act mandates that all electricity generated by Dominion and NOVEC come from 100 percent renewable sources. That means all energy in Virginia be derived from sunlight, wind or other renewable sources.i Power companies are feverishly purchasing land and building solar farms to meet this goal, and need assistance from the residential community.ii

The conversion from fossil fuel to renewable energy will cost an estimated $16 billion. Solar panels produce the same amount of energy in 6-8 hours a day that traditional energy sources generate in 24-hours. Upgrade costs are necessary to safely handle the increased load. These costs are assumed by existing Dominion Electric and NOVEC customers. Energy costs will continue to increase 30%+ over the next five years.iii

To off-set the renewable energy conversion cost, The Virginia General Assembly is offering incentives to homeowners who are willing and able to participate in the renewable effort. The Assembly prefers to use existing solar infrastructure (i.e. your rooftop) rather than purchase and develop beautiful Virginia landscape. Select Virginia homeowners have electric options depending on tilt, direction, condition, and availability of their roof space.

Not all homes qualify. It is ultimately decided by the power company which homes can produce solar energy. The select homes that qualify for this program will pay the same or less than their current electric bill at no additional cost, and safeguard against rising energy costs. Learning if you have a solar option is the first step to deciding if you want solar. I will evaluate the shade, condition, and grid availability of your rooftop. SolarPowerVA has a great reputation and is committed to giving you all the necessary information you need to make the best decision for your home. Schedule your appointment today!

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